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Black Candle Wick Trimmer Scissors

Black Candle Wick Trimmer Scissors

SKU: CX8718
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Candle trimmer can reach deep into tall pillar and jar candles easily. Precise cut ensures a cleaner, safer candle burning. Candle wicks are trimmed to perfectly desired length every time. Once cut, wick ends are collected in a built-in debris tray for easy disposal. Durable and Rust Proof - Our candle wick trimmer made of durable stainless steel construction with good cutting power for thick wicks. Help prevent soot buildup on your walls and will lengthen the life of your candle by controlling the burn for best scent and minimal soot. Perfect accessory for any candle lover. With high-grade material craftsmanship, it is also can as a great artwork to send your friends or family. Makes for an elegant artwork or home accessory that will fit into almost any home decor. Package contents: this package includes 1 piece of candle wick trimmer in beautiful Black.
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