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Black Candle Wick Dipper

Black Candle Wick Dipper

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Candle wick dippers Made of Sturdy stainless steel,attractive polished,corrosion resistant for long life and durability. Candle wick dippers measures 20 cm/7.87inch long,humanized fit hand grip,comfortable,easy to use and wipe off any wax that might get on the dippers. Use the wick dippers to put the wick into the melted candle oil, and then quickly lift the wick to extinguish the candle, reduce the smoke produced by the extinguishment of the candle and avoid soot on your walls and lengthen the life, which is also beneficial to the maintenance of the candle cotton wick. Candle wick dippers prevents wick smoldering and lengthen the life of candle, good for tiki torches, scented candles, tumbler and pillar. Candle wick dippers Long handle to safely extinguish wicks and prevent spray of wax or burns. Safer than blowing out candle.

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